Aphro Celina Corállion- A registered cosmetic product


This is a new developed eyelash serum with a natural incredient. Welcome Aphro Celina Corállion


Aphro Celina Corállion is particually suitable for sensible skin.


Aphro Celina Corállion Eyelash contains the natural substance from the coral. It stimulates the natural growth of your eye lashes and eye brows. 

The stimulation of the eye lash root with a natural ingredient will make your eye lashes longer and thicker.

During the usage of Aphro Celina Corállion, you can wear contact lenses and fake lashes.

This eyelash serum has been dermatologically tested.




Aphro Celina Corállion Eyelash is applied daily, preferably in the evening after cleaning the face.

A thin line is applied on the eye lid.


Only apply the serum on dry skin.


Please make sure that the eyelash serum does not enter the eye.


Should this happen, please rinse thoroughly with water.


Aphro Celina Corállion Eyelash should be used daily until the desired length and fullness of the lashes is reached. Later, it is sufficient to apply the eyelash serum once or twice per week.