Terms and Conditions





§ 1
Scope and defence clause


(1) For our clients only the following terms and conditions apply to the current version and time of order.


(2) Any other terms and conditions of the client will be rejected.



§ 2
Reservation of proprietary rights


The delivered goods remain oft the property of the provider until full payment is received.



§ 3
Maturity date


Payment of the purchase price is due with the contract.



Terms of Payment


The payment conditions are part of the invoice and binding.  With export to other nations than Germany payment in advance is applied. For orders with a higher net value, we reserve the right to only accept payment in advance or ship COD.



§ 4

In general, B2B transactions, so contracts between companies or traders are excluded from the right of withdrawal. There is no fundamental right to redeem properly delivered goods.  In case of defects and incorrect deliveries, the goods can be returned by arrangement.



§ 5

Copy Right


All rights to photographs and other images in brochures and the website belong to us.
Use without explicit permission is prohibited.
The Aphro Celina brand is a registered product and a brand protected by copyright.



§ 6
Place of jurisdiction


On the contractual relationship between the provider and the customer the law of the Federal Republic of Germany is applied.



§ 7
Severability Clause


If any provision of these Terms and Conditions be invalid, the validity of the remaining provisions shall not be affected thereby.